WordPress Speed Optimization Service within 24hrs!

Our WordPress Optimization Service can boost your page loading speed!

Why WordPress website optimization is important :

Website speed optimization is important if you want to decrease the bounce rate. When a visitor will try to browse your website, if he can’t see your web pages quickly you may lose the visitor. Analytics says visitors can’t wait more than 3 sec to load any page!

Website loading speed is one of the ranking factors of google SEO. The faster loading speed can help with mobile search. Google is rolling out a Mobile-First index moving forward, which officially affected in July 2018. So, if you want to rank your website on google first page. So, you have to speed up your website loading speed.

How much charge for website speed optimization?

We charge a minimum fair according to anyone on the internet with the money-back guarantee.


Boost Website Loading

  • Optimal Page Load Time
  • Optimized Images
  • Minify JS & CSS
  • Database Optimize
  • Minimize redirect



Boost Website Loading

  • Page Loading 1-3 Sec.
  • Optimized Images
  • Minify JS & CSS
  • Database Optimize
  • Complete Speed Service



Boost Website Loading

  • Optimal Page Load Time
  • Optimized Images
  • Minify JS & CSS
  • Database Optimize
  • Woo-Commerce Optimze


How can we improve website page loading speed?

If your website made by a powerful CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress.You can do it by yourself to see WordPress speed optimization guidelines. If your website developed by PHP, C#, Rubi Rails, JS (Node and React) you can follow the google guideline.

Here are a couple of Google guides you need to follow – 

  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Enable compression
  • Improve server response time
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Minify resources
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize CSS Delivery
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript


Images Optimization

Larger size images can increase your website pages size.If you are using large scale images it may effect on your website loading speed.Althoug page size may vary using formate of images like JPG , PNG , GIF and etc.We will reduce images size.

Leverage Browser Caching

When visitors vist your website you can improved page loading time asking visitor to save files in your website.It can help to repated visitor to visit your website faster.Generally its call browser caching.We will install  caching plugin in your website.

Add Expires headers

This is one of the major speed reducing factor.We will setup on your hosting.Expires headers tell the browser whether they should request a specific file from the server or whether they should grab it from the browser’s cache.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network is a collection of data distribution.It can help your visitor to retrive data faster in geogrpahly.CDN will be increase your website loading more than 10%.Fix the WP team will help you to add on your website.

Defer Parsing of JavaScript

When we click on a website to browse it. The browser must parse the contents of all <script> tags, which adds additional time to the page load.FixtheWP team can help to to minize the amount of JavaScript needed to render the page.

Minify JavaScript

If your website contains multiple javascript sheet , it may efftect on your website pages loading.Try to conbain these pages into one JS sheet.We will minify your javascript to speed up wordpress website.

Minify CSS

If your website contains multiple CSS (Case Cading Style Sheet) sheet , it may efftect on your website pages loading.Try to conbain these pages into one CSS sheet.We will minify your CSS to speed up wordpress website.

Minify HTML

If your website contains multiple HTML (Hyeper Text Mark Up Language)sheet , it may efftect on your website pages loading.Try to conbain these pages into one html sheet.We will minify your html to speed up wordpress website.

Avoid bad requests

Bad request is harmful for your website.If you have a page that already index on Google but incase of you have deleted this page.When browser can’t see this page and server shows 404 error then called it bad request.

Make fewer HTTP requests

If you installed tons of plugins , every plagin generate own external HTML,CSS and JS files.Increasing the numbers of external files may generate huge number of http request.Which directly efftect on your website page loading speed.

There are more technique to reduce intial webpage loading speed.Our dedicated and WordPress expert support team will fix all of your website issue to load it faster.We can guarantee you to speed up your wordpress website loading . If we can’t reduce intial loading speed by wordpress optimization service on your website nobody can do it !