If you want to make your website font looks nicer than others. Adding a nicer custom font on a website helps to design a beautiful WordPress website. Then Google font is the best resource to use. There are tons of free fonts you can easily use on your website. Some of the WordPress themes show a couple of Google fonts in WordPress.If your mind asks now how to add google font in WordPress.Now I will show you how you can add custom font within a minute!

I will show you the plugin method and manual method  –

Now go to the Google fonts and search a font that you want to use on your website.
adding google fonts to wordpress website

Google font in WordPress

Login your WordPress admin dashboard and install a plugin called “Insert Headers and Footers”.
insert header footer

Go the setting and click on inserts headers footer
adding custom font wordpress

Now paste your chosen Google font embedded code

how to add google font in wordpress

You may now use this font from Customization > Typography and from anywhere in your WordPress Website.